Making things generally nicer-looking since ’11


A little about me

Philly born and raised, I am a product of this city full of art, culture, and grit. I am a Graphic Designer, i.e. my laptop is glued to my hands, and I am permanently eye fatigued. I literally dream in Photoshop. (I wish I was joking.) I like to make people laugh, but no one will admit I’m funny. I’ll let you be the judge.

Favorite things to do

1 Cooking
2 Horror Movies
Horror Movies
3 Noodle Soup
Noodle Soup
4 Dog Sitting
Dog Sitting
5 City Wide Special
City Wide Special
6 Swimming

Mad Skills

Website design

I do this a lot

Logo & branding design

I like doing this the most

Print & book layout

Mostly booklets

Illustration & drawing

I made those icons up there

Photo editing

I'm no wizard

Basic html & css

I work with dev tho

Screen printing separations

I did this for years back in the day

Making inappropriate jokes



What I’m busy with

Inked Vintage

Combining my many passions, I started Inked Vintage during the pandemic. IV is an online shop of vintage 80s-90s streetwear and goods. Some items get “inked,” i.e. upcycled with original artwork – hand painted, bleach dyed, screenprinted, etc. Inked Vintage is your source for a sustainable, ethical, inclusive, and unisex lifestyle, with a focus on comfortability.

Where I work now

The 215 Guys

I am the Creative Director at The 215 Guys, a boutique web design agency. I work with a talented group of brainy yet hilarious individuals that I get to see at my 9-to-5. We like plants, can you tell?